Reality Report #5: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Apple WWDC, Google I/O and Augmented World Expo. Three big happenings all at once and now the focus of this edition of the Reality Report. Google  already hinted heavily about their focus on AR, now the search engine has clearly indicated how important the technology is – check out their major announcements for I/O. There were also high expectations from Apple, especially after a Foxconn employee leaked information a day before WWDC. Even though Apple didn’t show any glasses, they did confirm Tim Cook’s promise about the importance of Augmented Reality. With these 2 major events in action, it was also the perfect time for Augmented World Expo to host and show the global players in the AR and VR market. […]


360° Storytelling Part 1: Drag your audience right into the plot

360° storytelling is one of the hottest topics. It’s not just a new medium, it’s a completely new way to tell a story. The good news is that soon everyone can use 360 degree photos and videos to create an interactive VR experience. In our new series we want to give you an overview and a guide at the same time: from filming with the right equipment to publishing your experience. Let’s start with an overview and some examples. […]

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Reality Report #4: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Each Reality Report I try to cover all the latest monthly Augmented, Mixed and Virtual news. This month was unusual with all the major developments coming all at once last week.  The „Week of Wow!“ began with the live streams from Facebook’s F8 conference… Two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg said that AR is the platform of the future. Now he showed why. Also, HP is back in the game: the tech dinosaur has invested in the well-known VR Fund. And, as usual, there is no Reality Report without news from Snap – their partner Shazam has confirmed to work on AR. Reports also say that the Vive will get eye-tracking and Google Earth is on the Rift. Get excited and enjoy reading the Reality Report! […]


House Hunting in the Digital Age

No matter where in the world you are looking to rent or buy, it is likely that your house hunting market is overrun with complex, time consuming – and in most cases tiresome – rituals. Whether searching for a shared dorm room or a multi-million-dollar estate, there is usually a seismic shift of emotions when the house hunt transforms from excitement to turmoil. We all know the problems… but is there a solution?! Can technology ease the pain of building a nest?

To put it simply, yes. Obviously there is no miracle solution to real estate agents and landlords, but there are definitely some very cool gadgets, tools and technologies out there to help the average Jane and Joe. […]


Reality Report #3: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Most of the question I’ve been asked around Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality in the last weeks were around Apple and Magic Leap. Virtual Reality on the other hand seems to be using the pause of breath to prepare the next impact in the film and entertainment sector… and it’s all about Mixed Reality. Watch Dan Talmon’s video to understand what Apple will soon show. Their AR integration will undoubtably have a huge impact on the new realities. I have also seen some very nice VR experiences in combination with film, which, in addition to Social VR, is one of the convergences that will be the game changer for Virtual Reality. Enjoy reading the Reality Report! […]


Leaving the reduced reality: with the FlyingLab to SXSW


„Keep Austin weird“ – a slogan you will hear on repeat after arriving at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin. It is one of the biggest festivals worldwide where film, music and interactive industries converge into a giant creative mixing pot. Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality are gaining momentum and fast becoming an influential part of the interactive panel. As part of the Lufthansa FlyingLab I was on location in Austin to collect some impressions for you. […]


Reality Report #2: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report

It’s great to see how many new things are popping up in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. The hardware suppliers are in full preparation for major events such as Mobile World Congress, GDC, SXSW and many more where Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality are important parts of the show. Magic Leap are struggling to stay out of the headlines after some images were leaked out of their February board meeting. The HTC vs Oculus battle lines have been extended to include the race for mobile VR headsets. And it seems like Hollywood is verging into Silicon Valley territory… in the last years Silicon Valley was „the spot“ for AR and VR, but now we are seeing the rapid growth of Los Angeles being driven by the film studios in Hollywood. Enjoy reading the Reality Report! […]

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